Wood Burning Boilers and Furnaces

Thermo-Control is a second generation family owned manufacturing firm which has been in continual operation since 1974.   

 Our revolutionary baffling system was developed in early 1976 making us the first US company to use the downdraft wood burning system now called “gasification”.  This all natural draft/ zero maintenance burn system is the simplest and most cost effective way to burn wood... period.  We are proud to continue to offer this low cost and well behaved product which we are sure will save you wood, time, and energy for years to come...


 Thermo-Control's automatic thermostat control guarantees a constant, even temperature.  Wood and wood gases are burned more efficiently because of the airtight gasket door, pre-heat chamber for hotter combustion, downdraft baffle system and secondary air supply.  The downdraft forces the smoke and gases down over the flames, squeezing every BTU possible out of it before sending it up the chimney.

    The large door permits you to load logs without splitting them.  The expansive firebox features firebrick lining, providing for long-life heating.  The built-in efficiency of this unique wood burning system keeps your home comfortably warm with a minimum of time and effort on your part!

    Thermo-Control Wood Heating Systems use the efficient lengthwise burning system.  This permits you to remove ashes while the fire is still burning.  Removal may be done once a week or once a month depending upon the model and type of wood used.

    All Thermo-Control Wood Heating Systems are constructed of heavy 1/4" and 3/16" thick hot rolled black steel by master craftsmen to insure a heating system that radiates like cast iron of old, but will not crack or "pop".  The lustrous finish on every Thermo-Control is heat resistant to 1200 degrees.  All models can be adapted for use with existing heating systems.  Engineered by Thermo-Control to provide you with the best heating system available at an extremely reasonable price.

We thank you for your interest in our company...

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