Wood Burning Boilers and Furnaces


MODEL # 2000

MODEL # 2500

MODEL # 3000

MODEL # 4000

Overall Dimensions

(L X W X H)

54” x 31” x 48”

56” x 35” x 60”

67” x 48” x 72”

88" X 66" X 82"

BTU Rating

Heat Range


UP TO 2,500 SQ FT


UP TO 4,000 SQ FT


UP TO 7,000 SQ FT


UP TO 9,000 SQ FT

Net Weight

900 LBS

1400 LBS

1940 LBS

4,100 LBS

Firebox Capacity


17 CU FT

23 CU FT

63 CU FT

Max. Log Length





Door Size

15” x 18”

15” x 18”

24” x 30”

24” xi 30”

Flue Size





Water Capacity

130 GAL

170 GAL

300 GAL

610 GAL


$ 5,510.00

$ 6,685.00

$ 8,350.00

$ 14,600.00*

Model 2000 & Model 3000 Shown Above

Boiler Options

Domestic Hot Water Coil::

Don’t pay for your domestic hot water!  This factory installed option keeps your water heater HOT using wood and maximizes your purchase value.  Coil factory installed directly in water jacket.   

Factory Installed ................$ 300.00

Boiler Installation Kit:

Includes expansion tank(s), automatic fill valve with back flow preventer, automatic air vent, low water cutoff switch, and air purger.  

Model 2000...........................$320.00

Model 2500..........................$ 365.00

Model 3000..........................$ 545.00

Insulated Jacket:

Recommended for boilers installed in unheated areas.  For example, garages, outbuildings, sheds. Reduces heat loss from boiler surface to surrounding air. *(Included in Model 4000)

Factory Installed ..................$660.00

Thermo-Control’s boilers are designed for both stand alone usage or as an add-on to your existing oil or gas boiler.  They are available in THREE sizes to match your heating needs.  

Use the existing thermostat on your wall to control the zones in your home or business.  The water is now heated with your Thermo-Control boiler rather than oil or gas.  Never be too hot or too cold.

The boiler models are closed system (pressure vessel) units.  They have inlet and outlet fittings and are designed for 12-15 PSI operation.  We supply aquastat, temperature/pressure gauge, boiler drain, 30 lb boiler relief valve, and 24V transformer for the electric draft control.  Installation is not complicated.  Simply run 110V line voltage to the 24V transformer, hook up the flue (stack) pipe, and supply piping to and from the existing boiler or heating system.  

ASME Boiler

Commercial Use ONLY

Not For Sale in US
for Residential Use

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