$ 2,490.00 USD

Thermo-Control’s hot water units are designed to be used as an add-on to your existing oil or gas fired hot water heating system.  They are available in THREE sizes to match your heating needs.

About 50% of the heat produced by your unit is used to heat the water and the approximately remaining 50% is released as radiant heat in to the surrounding air.  

Each unit includes three stainless steel hot water heating coils. All are one piece in the firebox.  All connections are outside of the firebox.  All three may be used for hydronic heating.  An additional fourth coil may be factory installed for domestic hot water heating.  The hot water heating coils have a limited lifetime warranty in the original unit.  

If you are interested in any of our add-ons give us a call at (518) 296-8517

Bi-Metallic Draft control:

Set the heat output at the front door and a bi-metallic spring will automatically regulate the fire for up to 10 hours.

Factory Installed .......NO CHARGE

Electronic Draft Control System:

Fully automates the operation of the unit as a boiler.  Water temperature is maintained at desired level by using an aquastat to control the fire.  

Includes 24 V electric draft control assembly, strap on aquastat, stack limit switch, mounting brackets, and 24V transformer.  

Package Price......................$475.00

Domestic Water Coil:

Don’t pay extra for domestic hot water!  This factory installed option keeps your water heater HOT using wood and maximizes your purchase value.  Sized just right for each model we sell and guaranteed for the life of the furnace.

Factory Installed Only .......$210.00

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