You really build some great stoves!  
Tom Y - Yellville, AR

You have a very fine product and we have enjoyed it for many years.  
Ben Y, - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thought I would drop you a note to tell you what a great and durable product you have in the Model 500 wood stove. This thing was bought by my father-in-law in the mid 70's. He used it for many years and then for what ever reasons stopped using it.  It sat in our damp basement/garage for over 20-25 years. Just last week I cleaned it up and pressure tested the old black pipe water coils in the stove and low and behold they held!  Got the thing hooked up to my water storage tank (by-passing the boiler itself) and am now heating my house with it.  Say goodbye to the $3.25 per/gal fuel oil.
Robert B - Putnam Valley, NY

Thank You for all your help with parts (3 coils, pump and door gasket) and how to hook up my model 500 and two 40 gallon HW tanks to my propane furnace.   I started using it last week and it is the best wood burner I have ever used.  I believe that it was made in the 1970s,  but was well maintained so it works great !   The pay back on my investment will be one winter, but my wife is very very happy because the house will be at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer all season and no propane bills.
Bob & Bonnie K - Leroy, NY

Tim,Just a note to let you know that the model 500 I bought from you performed great the last 2 summers. You may recall I am using it to heat the water in my 26,000 gallon swimming pool!!! I try to keep the water about 82 degrees--just right for a relaxing swim.
Rick S, - Danielsville, PA

Have I got a story for you. 30 years ago, yea 30 yrs., I bought a Model 500 from your Dad, installed where I was living at the time and LOVED it. Sold that house, and am now living nearby in a new home, and I regretted leaving the stove behind. My neighbor and current owner of the old house and the Model 500, tells me I can have the stove if I want it, well, boy did I jump at that!It is in my garage and I am about to refurbish it. When I am done, I'll send you before and after pictures.You are welcome to use any of this story for a testimonial if you would like. 30 years old and still going strong, the stove, not me. - Richie A - Stanfordville, NY

Thank you very much for your expert work and assistance with our stove.  We are grateful for your promptness and ease of coordinating!
Greg & Diane H - Broadalbin, NY

I am entering the second heating season with my woodburning boiler and could not be happier.  I am heating over 3300 square feet and will add a hobby green house to the system this year.  The wood boiler was one of the best decisions I have made.  
David S - Oswego, NY

My dad and I did all the work installing the 2000. It was very easy to install.  The 2000 works great (I’m glad I purchased it). You designed and made a great product.  Our next project will be installing the domestic hot water coils in the spring.
Ray D - Oxford, CT

Love it.  Wonderful.  Went through 10 gallons of fuel oil last month, instead of 150.  - Nick D, Brewster, NYThanks for the help. We love the stove.  
Steve B - Latham, NY

Just to let you know that the 2500 is working perfectly!!! I am very pleased.
Greg C - Uniondale, PA

I've had my Model 550, serial number 37, for 30 years and it finally sprung a leak in one of the three iron heating coils. When I contacted Thermo-control to see if replacement coils were available they said they were, but were now made of stainless steal. I replaced all three coils, which I received within days of placing the order, and look forward to another 30 years of this stove heating my house.
Dan F - Florida, MA.

Just a note .... I have had my TC 500 for over 30 years. It has been completely dependable working in tandem with my oil fired boiler. I have had issues with the domestic hot water coil in that our well water carbonates fall out of suspension and plug the coil making flushing a requirement. However, I couldn't be happier with the performance and quality of work of the TC 500. I plan on using a closed loop heat exchanger to try and solve my domestic hot water problem. I am constantly looking for a used one for my garage but they are never available.
Rik H - Delevan, NY

I have a model 500 which I bought 4 years ago. I love it.
Mark G - Shelton, CT

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my model 500 stove. When I decided to burn wood I began looking for a stove. I found one of your model 500 and purchased it not knowing anything about it but the way it was built impressed me. I contacted your company and got an owners manual. I have been using it for four years and am very happy with it. I have hot water baseboard heat so I put a plenum on it and ducted it to the first floor and used a duct booster fan to move the air. It works great. As you know here in northern Maine we have some very cold weather. The only problem I experience is when the temperatures are above 10 degrees I have a little bit of a hard time maintaining a fire without overheating the house. I can live with that. My house is 1350 sq ft and was built in 1972. I have done a lot of energy improvements such as adding insulation in the attic, new windows and doors and vinyl siding with 1" blueboard under it. I highly recommend your product to everyone. Great piece of equipment. I just wanted to let you know.
Robert B - Northern, ME

I purchased a Thermo-Control 500-2000 back in October. I had it installed in mid November, and I feel the need to tell you how impressed I am with this unit. It works the way it is advertised. I have it paired up with an oil burner to heat my 1800 square foot ranch, with base board hot water heat. It also keeps my unheated basement at a constant 72 degrees by convection. Even with this arctic cold weather we have been experiencing, I have burned less than 30 gallons of oil in the last 2 months. I have also turned off my electric hot water heater, and am using the wood boiler for hot water. I love this unit.I would like to offer my services. If you have anyone interested in purchasing one of your boilers, and would like to see one in operation, I would be willing to show them mine.I tell everyone how great my unit is, and highly recommend you guys. Thank you for such a great stove, and knowledgeable staff.
Rick M - Montgomery, NY

I have just purchased an old (1982) model 500 that is in very good condition. Other than replacing the pull rod, there is nothing wrong with the stove. I sold these stoves in the early eighties in northern Vermont and many of them are still in service. They were and still are a great product!
Brent S - Barton, VT

I’m currently, still using a Thermo-Control Ultimate Wood Burning System Model 400, purchased October 1979.  Nothing heats like this stove does...  
Mary S - Prompton, PA

Just wanted to let you know that we used the boiler last winter and completely love it.  We used less than 3.5 cords to heat our house, it was great.
Jeff L - Menomonie, WI

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the wood boiler system, Model 2000 I had you manufacture for me last spring.  I would recommend your products to anyone looking for a wood heating system.
Damon B - Abingdon, VA

I just wanted to say that I’ve had my  500/2000 since  2006 and its great.  I usually burn 7 to 10 cord depending upon how cold the winter is. Installation was easy enough.  Also we installed the hot water coil and we have enough hot water for the entire house.  Thanks for a great product.
Ray D - Oxford, CT

I bought a Thermo-Control 2500 Last year and I am into my second winter using it. I shut off my oil burner and have not turned it back on except for a week when I was away on vacation. I run it October to April. I run it through my oil boiler and had a switch put on my burner so I just turn it back on. I live in Maine and it was -7 last night. I built a new house 3 years ago well insulated but about 4700 square feet not counting the basement. Before using my wood boiler I was using about 175 gallons of oil every 2 weeks. or about 2500 plus a year. The estimate of 1 cord of wood for 200 gallons of oil is accurate. I burn about 12 cord of wood about 1/2 a cord a week when cold out. However my house is warm about 72 or better and my basement is 72 keeping my floors warm and it heats all my hot water for a family of 6. It maintains an 80 gal storage tank hooked to the oil boiler. I love the thing. it goes 8-12 hours between filling it. It can catch up even with a demand if it cools off even when 0 outside. The door is huge and almost level with the bottom ashes are easy to take out and there is nothing to maintain except the chimney and the ashes and so far I have no creosote. You also don't have to split anything if it will fit in the 15 x 18 door it will burn. Although stay with the dry wood you get more heat out of it. I recommend it in fact two of my friends have bought the next size down and they love them too. I figure I paid for the thing in less than 2 years including paying the plumber to put it all in and hook it up and I don't have to get ugly when they turn up the thermostat while I am at work.
David D - Bangor Maine

I just wanted to let you know,I bought a 2500 from you folks ten years ago.  At that time I did a lot of research, and chose a Thermo-Control.Until recently I was a carpenter for over twenty years and a builder for over a decade so I've seen a lot of heating systems. Since my purchase several people have liked mine so much they also purchased one!      I've yet to see such a simple,easy to install, efficient, wood boiler yet.  My unit is installed in my basement where I also store three cords of wood at a time. The wood is seasoned outdoors for at least one year undercover,then spends two months near the stove before burning. I'm heating 3200 sq ft well insulated,including a eight hundred sq ft two car garage, all in floor radiant, from November to March on five or six cords! I keep the fire small and hot,and just put three or four pieces on three times a day. I know of two people who paid three and four times as much for their indoor boilers and neither are very happy.  One even stopped using it cause it was impossible for him to get it running right. Soooo many people see one of your boilers and say, boy, I wish I knew about these...
John  - Dalton PA

Writing to let you know we are very happy with the #2500. We have been heating 4 buildings this winter with the new boiler. Best thing is it is tucked inside my sauna building.My neighbors are happy because they can not see it and it is not a nuisance. The kennel buildings have never been so warm. The boiler requires very little maintenance and is simple to operate. Thank you.
Rob R - Voluntown, CT

My Thermo-Control 600 is in and providing all the heat and domestic hot water for my house now.It is a beautiful thing!My dream of becoming completely Fuel Oil Independent has come true.  We have been looking into alternatives for many years, and even considered natural gas as an option as we were concerned with the smoke produced by a wood burning furnace.The 600 has such an efficient combustion chamber that it literally burns all the smoke before it gets a chance to exit the chimney.The computer display actually shows the temps rising in the chamber while its burning the smoke – while outside all that comes out of the stack is a little steam.If you are seriously considering a wood furnace, don’t pull the trigger until you check out the 600.
Keith M - Long Island, NY

Thank you for all your kindness and help.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a stove. Thank you.
Lee L. - Russell, PA

This is the best investment I have ever made.  I can’t say enough good things about Thermo-Control.
Jason G. - Camden, NY

If you are thinking of getting a stove from thermo-control, think no more.This is the best stove ever! I have a model 500 stove with thermostat. I have not needed to use propane in 5 years to heat my house. This is a set and forget stove. Just remember to put wood in it. I have water coils but I never installed them because of difficulty in finding a Plumber who would tie them into my radiant floor heat. I have found I didn’t need them. My house stays at 72 Deg. 67 Deg. in back bedroom all winter! As for wood, I burn Engelmann Spruce, Aspen, Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, and on super cold nights I put in some cedar. My house is 2500 Sq feet single level at 9,000 msl. In Silverton, Colorado.
Rod S. - Silverton, CO